Communication with severe autistic children is difficult and frustrating. We are developing software for smartphones and PDAs that will facilitate on-the-go communication with autistic children. Our target group are the very young or severe autistic children who need either a first learning device or who will never go beyond using image-based communication.

    For the child     For the teacher or parent  
  The software on the PDA will allow the child to choose and combine images to form a message. Pictorial communication is often used with these children for communication. There is no more need to carry cardboard or paper images and pictures around. The images can be downloaded and managed from software you install on your computer and will then  be available on the PDA.   Using the software, the teacher or parent can choose which images to use on the PDA and how they should be combined. They will also be able to see how often the child uses the PDA and which message where formed (or other activities performed) over time.  
This software will be available free of charge (as open source) and will work on PDAs and smartphones that run Windows (not blackberries, Palm).